19 May 2022

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Official Venue for the Fae Winter Ball

The Official Venue for the Fae Winter Ball

We are delighted to announce that The Renaissance at kelham Hall will this year play host to the fantastic and inspiring event, the Winter FaeBall.

This high fantasy event is made to be accessible, immersive and incredible fun for all adults who enjoy Larp, cosplay or just the fantasy genre in general. The Quest is to provide an immersive experience for all of their members, and to bring fantasy fiction to life.

“We have this in mind when deciding every detail in our event, with members of the alphabet mafia, neurodivergent and disabled community on our team – we are dedicated to making sure our event is a safe and incredible space for all of our members. ” – Founder

The first set of tickets sold out within just 1 hour, and the second round of tickets will be released in just over 11 days, on the 1st July 2022.

Tickets are on sale now on the link below. Entertainment will include:

  • Food chosen with neuro-diversity in mind
  • Dietary requirements will of course be catered to
  • 3-course seated dinner
  • Beautifully themed main bars
  • Table service for wine orders during your meal
  • Inclusive dance demos during the day
  • Incredible live immersive acts throughout the night
  • Live music to ballroom dance the night away
  • After dinner dance and party